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I'm Mark. A Website Designer, Developer and Site Manager

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Achieve better results with your website. I create stunning sites that are built for growing your company, helping you increase visibility and encourage engagement. Get it right with a tailored web design that can help you smash your goals.


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Spice Shop Featured

Spice Shop Layouts

The Spice Shop layout pack is a bursting with powerful imagery and clean layouts, perfect for promoting those spices! The pack includes many versatile layouts including a dedicated shop page to make it easy to set up your store, and a recipe page for featuring recipes on your blog. Check it out today!

Upholsterer Featured

Upholsterer Layouts

The upholsterer layout has engaging images ready to go with a flexible layout for your services and portfolio, with a handy blog section for your projects

Travel Blog Featured

Travel Blog Layouts

Some of the unique features include images with overlapping social icons, featured posts with unique links and a special trip page layout designed to tell your story in an elegant way. The blog page is fullwidth with large featured images that work well for a travel blog. And the Noto Serif font choice fits really well with the overall design.

Fitness Coach

Fitness Coach Layouts

If you’re looking a for a fun, vibrant and colorful layout pack, you’ll find yourself reaching for the Fitness Coach pack. It’s a versatile layout pack that can be used to build websites . You’ll definitely love the page structures, the use of gradient backgrounds and the unique section designs that come with this layout pack!

Dietitian Featured

Dietitian Layouts

Dietitians need a website that can handle various types of content. This layout pack makes it easy for dietitians to develop a website with everything they need and more. With clean and creative design, the pack features dedicated layouts for showcasing healthy recipes, promoting consultation sessions, and providing various dietitian resources. Check it out!


Interpreter Layouts

This Interpreter layout pack is designed to provide you with all the necessary designs, layouts and elements your website needs. Besides having unique and elaborated pages that’ll help you attract new clients in an effortless way, the layouts within this layout pack are well-thought-out and help you save time while creating your website.

Copywriter featured

Copywriter Layouts

This copywriter layout pack is designed to provide you with all the necessary designs, layouts and elements your website needs. Besides having 9 unique and elaborated pages that’ll help you attract new clients in an effortless way, the copywriter layout pack also provides you with high-quality images which you can use for free and for all kinds of purposes. On top of that, the layouts within this layout pack are well-thought-out and help you save time while creating your next copywriter website.

Juice shop

Juice Shop Layouts

The Juice Shop layout pack includes eight pages, each with a wonderful combination of vibrant colors and crisp images. The design goes above and beyond the needs of anyone looking to revamp their online juice store, including a shop page, a menu page, a recipes page, and even a cleanses page to showcase juice cleansing membership packages.

Nail Salon featured

Nail Salon Layouts

The Nail Salon Layout pack provides a perfect canvas for any nail salon website. The page layouts are specially crafted with clean and minimalist design that presents content in a modern and practical way.

art gallery featured

Art Gallery Layouts

The Art Gallery Layout pack provides a perfect canvas for any art gallery website. The page layouts are specially crafted with clean and minimalist design that presents content in a modern and practical way. And there are dedicated pages and sections for featuring art galleries, artists, exhibitions, and much more.

Makeup featured image

Hair and Makeup Layouts

Be ready to build beautiful websites with the brand new Makeup Artist Layout Pack. This layout pack is perfect for any kind of beauty, health or skin care website. The modern design style, the multiple layouts and high-quality images that are included will make it seamless to attract new customers in no time.

Gardner featured

Gardener Layout

Looking for a layout pack that emphasizes your love for nature? The Garden Layout Pack does exactly what you’d expect. The clean and user-friendly design style will convince visitors to get in touch quickly. And with many custom icons (in different colors) and high-quality images within reach, you’ll be able to get a beautiful gardener website up and running instantaneously.

Micro Brewery

Micro Brewery Layout

Every brewery site needs a fresh modern design for promoting products and events in style, and this new Brewery Layout Pack delivers these essentials and much more. It comes with beautiful font and color combinations, versatile images, and even a dedicated page for showcasing events. Check it out!

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Layout

The Physical Therapy Layout Pack is made for you to share all the important physical therapy information you have in an elegant and modern way. On top of all the layouts you get, you’ll also find free high-quality images that are unique to the layout pack as well.

Life Coach

Life Coach layouts

The Life Coach Layout Pack contains 6 different layouts and everything you need to set up a website that empowers your business. The design elements in this layout pack are both professional and gorgeous. Within each one of the layouts, you can find a stunning diagonal structure that’ll amaze your visitors and prospects.


Restaurant layouts

This restaurant layout pack is designed to provide everything the average restaurant will need out of the box. Particularly the all important “hours of operation” information in the footer of every page. There is also a button in the hero section of the home page and the landing page for making a reservation, though you’ll need to install a booking plugin of your own to make that work.


Florist layouts

This layout pack is definitely designed with florists in mind. The floral images used throughout (especially for header backgrounds) are purposeful and beautiful. The landing page in particular is extremely useful to any florist out of the box by including sections for seasonal items, discounts, and even a contact form for special bouquets!

Coffee shop

Coffee Shop layouts

This eight-page coffee shop layout pack has everything you could possibly expect from a coffee shop website. Primarily; all of the practical information is continuously present on each layout of the website.

Bakery Product Shot

Bakery layouts

The Bakery Layout Pack has all the ingredients a bakery website needs to whet the appetite of any visitor. It has a page to showcase your menu and a shop page to help sell your online products. It also has beautiful custom images and sections for highlighting your services, promotions and more. Check it out!


Therapist layouts

The Therapist Layout Pack is built to offer a beautiful and comforting web presence to anyone looking for your therapy services online. With all the page layouts available, a licensed therapist can easily showcase credentials, faq’s, areas of service, contact info and more. And the landing page will be a useful tool for driving visitors to book an appointment.

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer layouts

The Personal Trainer Layout Pack is powerful in design and practicality. The large font with glowing shadows really grab your attention. All of the pages are specially crafted for personal trainers seeking to promote their services and memberships online. And with dedicated pages for class listings, the pack really has everything needed to get a beautiful site online in no time.

Interior Design

Interior Design layouts

This interior design layout pack represents the core values of each interior design company out there; style and expertise. With eight elaborated layouts that contain stunning and unique images, this layout pack is ready to bring your interior design website to the next level. Each one of the layouts is a combination of some of Divi’s most desirable built-in options and look great on desktop, as well as on tablet and mobile.

Day Spa

Day spa layouts

The Day Spa Layout Pack is sure to attract all those browsing for an exciting escape to a day spa. The design evokes comfort and relaxation with soft colors an striking imagery. Plus, you have everything you need to set up an online spa business, including unique layouts for showcasing services, listing price packages, booking appointments, and more.

Jewellery Shop

Jeweller layouts

The Jeweller Layout Pack’s 7 elegant layouts, high-quality images and beautiful illustrations make the layout pack an excellent choice to create a jeweller’s website from scratch. The use of soft colors and elegant font families give visitors a luxurious and refined feeling that perfectly represent the quality that’s expected from a skilled and respectable jeweller.


Photograph layouts

This Photo Marketplace layout pack is designed to provide everything an average online Photo Marketplace will need out of the box. I absolutely love the Call to Actions (CTA’s) throughout this layout. You can tell some thought went into making them less cookie cutter and actually useful. This may not be a huge benefit for some, but I appreciate the actual copy used for the CTA’s throughout the layout. This makes it easier for users to tweak and make their own. I also admire the way images remain the highlight of the design throughout. The light backgrounds and simple layouts keep things super clean and non-distracting to viewers.

my services

Website Design

Your website is the foundation on which your entire online presence is built, with other digital marketing efforts positioned around it. In the digital world it is your shopfront and is your biggest opportunity to ‘wow’ prospective clients and build the right brand. Presentation is critical and we work closely with you to develop the right look.

Website Design

We know that your internet presence is capable of generating the most sales and enquiries. It is also your opportunity to develop and maintain relationships among your target audiences. I endeavour to integrate multiple points of contact providing a cohesive approach to your digital presence.

Branding & Logo

The look and feel of your website should reflect the brand you want to commuicate. I can help build this stratgey or work with your own designers to realise their goal

Content Strategy

Content is king. Your static pages are exactly that and don’t change so it’s imperative to be on message from the off. Hitting the right note, with the emphasis on creating a site that engages with users and deliver quality content with authority and consistency. This needs to be complimented with a broader content strategy through blogging. I can help define your content strategy and provide the content through our partner copywritten

Website Development

My approach is focussed in helping small and emerging businesses get the most out of their digital presence, I lead with a process that’s driven by focussing on your business goals, investigating trends in similar markets and gathering valuable insights to deliver a clear propostion to your target markets.

Choose a Premade Template

A pre-made template offers all the building blocks you need to hit the ground running. All you need to do is fill in the content. Head on over to a sample our templates choose one that closely matches your requirements and we can have it installed on your hosting platform. 

Built From Scratch

Critical to a websites success is captivating your audience from the off. It should communicate your brand effectively whilst placing all the major points of your value propositon front and centre. This involves getting to know your business and brand so that we can isolate what you are looking for and realise your vision.

Maintenance & Updates

I can manage the website for you ensuring that it remains up to date. Edits and new content can be managed on a month by month basis. In additon training can be provided if you wish to manage your site in-house

Let’s Build Something


Hourly Consultancy

If you need a little hand holding through the process. I can help you remotely and guide you through the process. 

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